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...And Babies Don't Keep

I have five beautiful, wonderful, exhausting children. The oldest is 14 years old, followed by a 12.5 year old, an 11 year old, a 2 year old, and the youngest is 9 months. The spread in ages puts me at this really weird place in my momming journey. I'm in the thick of parenting. I know we're ALL in the thick of parenting but what I mean is, on one hand I'm at the tail end of parenting with the oldest one - but just beginning with the youngest one.  So between all five kids I go between "Oh my gosh, who smells like body odor??" to "Ugh, which one has a poopy diaper?" But, ya know what? I feel super lucky. Because I have these older kids and they're great and fun and really mouthy sometimes. And then I have these younger kids and they're super adorable and exhausting all the time.  Every once in awhile I will look at the biggest one and then the littlest one and I literally shift my eyes back and forth from one to other, over and over and over

Dear Brother - Love, Sissy

Dear Brother, I'm sorry you are the only one of us that is "different". I'm even more sorry you realized it at an early age. I'm sorry that even as a little boy, you knew that who you were wasn't something that we celebrated. I'm sorry that when you wore my t-shirts belted (ya know, so it looked like a dress) everyone told you to take it off. I'm sorry that when I used to find you wearing my heels or boots I didn't laugh with you and promise not to tell Mom and Dad. In fact, I'm now sorry that I told Mom and Dad. I'm sorry I hid my shoes from you. I'm sorry that we didn't just let you be who you were. I'm sorry that we tried to fix you, even though I now know you didn't need to fixed. I'm sorry we kept telling you it was a phase and then made up weird explanations and solutions. I'm sorry that when you told us you wanted to be a princess we didn't take you seriously. I'm sorry we probably "shushed"