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That's My Girl

Anyone who knows me knows I have a deep seeded love for pizza. Frozen, fresh, take and bake, deep dish, thin crust, Chicago style, NY style, I don't care. If I had to choose one food for the rest of my life - hands down it would be pizza.  It's my favorite thing. Right up there with coffee.

Today, I have a cold. It's the kind of cold that you can feel coming on a week ahead of time. The kind that starts out as just your throat feeling scratchy and dry. The kind that starts as a nagging headache and overall "foggy" feeling. The kind that couples with extreme tiredness - although I'm not sure if that is baby related or sickness related. No one will ever know at the rate Mason is going. I just might experience extreme tiredness for the rest of my life.

Anyway, this cold has now morphed into a full blown illness. Congestion. Achy. Coughing. Oh my God, the coughing. Anyone who has had children knows the EXTREME terror we all feel when we need to cough. It has been 14 years of me needing to be on high-alert every time I have to cough. I do the same thing every time - cross/squeeze my thighs together,  bend at my waist, cover my mouth with my arm and pray to God I don't piss my pants. Truthfully, it only works about 50% of the time.

I ran out of cough drops last night while working and there was an ice storm so I was not about to make any pit stops on my way home. So I was digging through the medicine cabinet this morning looking for anything I could take. I found some DayQuil but it's a no-no while breastfeeding because it can inhibit milk production. (Insert crying emoji) So this morning when I got up with the baby and was nursing him out on the couch, trying not to pee my pants with every hack, and crying/eyes watering from the perpetual violent coughing, Robert offered to go get me some cough drops before heading into work. What a guy!

He headed down to the gas station to pay (probably) $59 for some Ricola cough drops - and came back with the drops, milk, dish soap, and a dozen bakery style donuts in a giant white box. When he walked through the front door carrying all the goods, Annabelle saw the white box and excitedly shouted "PIZZA!!!" (We eat a lot of pizza around here)

I excitedly told her it was donuts. Like what kid wouldn't want a giant donut for breakfast at 7:20am? But she was so dead set on it being pizza she threw a fit and declared "Noooo, pizza for breakfast!" And ya know what? I wasn't even mad, I can totally get behind that - I'd rather have pizza for breakfast, too.

So, regardless of her looking like her Daddy's twin, she's definitely my girl.


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