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Week One.

You guys. I made it through the first week of the Whole30! Holy $hit. That's 7 days without a single morsel of: sugar. dairy. wheat or other grains (including quinoa). peanut forms. beans (including soy). I have eaten nothing but WHOLE food for 7 days. I don't really even know how I came up with the idea that this is what I wanted to try. It just hit me one day and then I ran with it. I recruited four other people to do it with me- mostly because I know there is strength in numbers and support is key for something like this. By Day 4 I was on my own. They had all either not started or decided to stop. This cleanse/diet/lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. In doing some of my reading I kept seeing the same thing over and over: It's highly restrictive and leaves no room for error. And it's true. In the true spirit of the program if you "cheat" you're supposed to start back to Day One. The idea is that it takes our bodies a full 30 days to cleans

Day One.

OK - so I think I'll do this week by week. Chances are, a lot of you don't give a rip that I'm doing this or how it will affect me. You're probably rolling your eyes and scrolling on by, and that is totally fine. But there is a chance (albeit small) that some of you DO care. So going forward - these posts are for you! I've been pouring over all kinds of literature and blogs and books and fb forums the last few days all dedicated to the Whole30. It seems like most people have really astounding results. It also seems like most people go through a kind of withdrawal as their body gets used to not having sugar and chemicals. This part really scares me. On an average day I'm crabby and bitchy enough - I don't need anything else contributing to this. ha. Some people also report feeling "foggy" and tired. I am really nervous for this part, too. I rarely sit down during the day. I'm home with the littles and I am go-go-go. Cleaning and playing and go

Whole 30: WHAT AM I DOING?

Gah!! I'm back - kind of. It's been awhile - over the last couple months I've been writing but not publishing anything. Nothing seems "ready" and my mind is all over the place. My priorities have just been other things. But I think I'm ready now. At least - I have to be because I'm about to do something that will be mentally and physically challenging, as if I don't have enough challenges day to day, right? So here it goes! Background: I have always been hyper-aware of my weight. Always. Since I can remember. In elementary school I always taller and broader and bigger than my friends. I went through puberty at a very young age and as a result I felt like an amazon woman. I had boobs waaaaaaay before I should have. I shot up so fast and I was basically as tall as I am now, in 5th grade. I was always self-conscious about my size and it showed. So it was that weakness that was preyed upon by other kids, as kids often do. I have broad shoulders and a thi