Day One.

OK - so I think I'll do this week by week. Chances are, a lot of you don't give a rip that I'm doing this or how it will affect me. You're probably rolling your eyes and scrolling on by, and that is totally fine. But there is a chance (albeit small) that some of you DO care. So going forward - these posts are for you!

I've been pouring over all kinds of literature and blogs and books and fb forums the last few days all dedicated to the Whole30. It seems like most people have really astounding results. It also seems like most people go through a kind of withdrawal as their body gets used to not having sugar and chemicals. This part really scares me. On an average day I'm crabby and bitchy enough - I don't need anything else contributing to this. ha. Some people also report feeling "foggy" and tired. I am really nervous for this part, too. I rarely sit down during the day. I'm home with the littles and I am go-go-go. Cleaning and playing and going to the park and doing all kinds of stuff. I don't like being tired. Or foggy. But from what I've read the fog will subside and then I'll feel great. The thought that my body needs to detox from sugar and nitrates and additives is gross, not to mention, disturbing.

Leading up to Day One I did a meal plan and grocery list. I always meal plan anyway but this time I actually had to do two meal plans. One for Rob and me and one for the kids. I had to go to three different stores to get all the "stuff" I needed. Butter is a no-no, as is any kind of cooking spray, shortening, vegetable oil, peanut oil. I had read that clarified butter, also known as "ghee" is a must have. Also, coconut oil. Both are versatile and needed. So I made sure to get those. Ghee is expensive. But I've heard it's worth it so I bit the bullet and bought some. I also purchased special Whole30 compliant salad dressing - I love salads and they're easy and versatile. Basically all salad dressing is off limits because it's full of additives, sugar, gluten, and lord knows what else. So I bought two different kinds of compliant salad dressing. I bought lots of lettuce, and spinach, and veggies, and fruit - as well as compliant coconut milk and compliant almond milk. I figured I'd use these to cook with since dairy is off limits and I could add it to my coffee. I bought organic coconut flakes. And tuna fish. Oh, the tuna fish! Have you ever tried to find a can of tuna fish that DOESN'T contain SOY?? ugh. Who knew that most tuna has a soy additive? I didn't. Now I do. And it was a SOB trying to find one that wasn't $5 a can. (I ended up finding one at Trader Joe's for $1.29 and one at Aldi for $.99!) I bought a lot of chicken and steak. I tried to find some bacon or brats without sugar or nitrates and that was a bust. I couldn't find anything at Jerry's, Trader Joe's, or Aldi. I know Whole Foods has them but I was not about to go to another store. I bought a compliant "bare" rotisserie chicken. I bought special mayo. In other words, I bought a lot of stuff. Basically every condiment and snack you have - isn't usable. This cleanse is about WHOLE FOODS.

Chicken Salad
Sunday night before I started,  I prepped some compliant chicken salad and some compliant eggs with chorizo and hash-browns. In addition to my detailed menu for the next seven days, I even wrote down what I'd have for snacks throughout the week. This program doesn't encourage snacking but obviously if you have to, you have to. It's not forbidden. Just not encouraged. The idea is that you should eat enough protein and good fat at your meals to get you through to the next meal. But, I know myself and I know that if I get bored or have a sweet tooth I will reach for something I'm not supposed to have.

Sunday night I also weighed in (that sucked) and took measurements of my arms, thighs, hips, waist, love handles, and bust. I'll do this process again but not until I'm done at 30 days. It's going to be very hard to not to weigh in weekly. 


I woke up at the normal time of 630am - little kids first. Then big kids. Once I got everyone up I brewed my coffee. I used a flavored K-cup (compliant) and since ALL creamer is out - I used some compliant almond milk I found. There isn't really a taste to it but it turned my coffee from dark brown to light brown and I think that was sufficient enough to trick my mind into thinking I was just drinking my regular old coffee.

Almost every morning when I make the little kids breakfast, I always take a bite of whatever they're having and say "I need to make sure it's not poison!". I haven't eaten cereal for a very long time (although I love it) so every morning those two measly little bites are something I look forward to. Not today, my friends. Not today. I actually scooped up the first bite of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and brought it to my mouth and then caught myself. ugh. It's funny how those little habits are just something I do without thinking. I was OK for the rest of the morning. I cleaned and folded laundry and played with the kids. I didn't have time to eat so I only drank one cup of coffee but I felt OK and not really hungry. We went on a walk and to the park. Before we left I started to get hungry and the littles were having a snack - ranch flavored veggie straws and a banana. I wanted ALL the veggie straws. I love those damn things. Is 1/2 a veggie straw going to hurt me? No. But it's the principal. I'm trying to do this for 30 days. So I'm really trying to be a stickler about it. That was hard. I just wanted to eat one, or two, or 30. But I didn't want to fail on my first day so I drank some sparkling water instead while we walked to the park. *sigh*

After our walk and park expedition it was back home for lunch: PB&J with a side of mandarin oranges and string cheese. Normally when I make their PB&J's I swipe a bit of peanut butter off the knife. Not today, though. Today I mouth breathed through the entire production of lunch making. I didn't even want to smell the damn peanut butter. After lunch they finally went down for naps and I was free to prep dinner and FINALLY eat my breakfast - which was now my lunch. I hunkered down and ate my eggs, chorizo, hash-brown mix with some organic compliant salsa on top. It was SO good, or maybe I was just SO hungry? The world may never know. To compliment it I had some raw carrots dipped in some compliant ranch dressing (that tastes nothing like ranch, and more like dill dip). I drank a seltzer water with it. I felt good - satisfied. Not hungry at all. But I wanted something sweet and there were 2 packages of cookies on the counter. DARN IT. So I reached for a Honey Crisp apple instead. This is when I realized that this is going to be hard. I'm going to have to rewire how I think and act and reach for food. I have to be conscious of all my food decisions. Remind me again why I decided to do this? ha.  
Steak and veggies

After I ate my breakfast-lunch, I prepped dinner. Originally my menu called for a roast with carrots and potatoes. But Aldi was out of roasts - which is weird. So I decided to just kind of wing it. I took brussel sprouts and cut them in half, and added some asparagus, onion, and a thinly sliced potato and tossed all of that with some EVOO, minced garlic, salt, and pepper. Then I baked it at 425 for 40 min. While that was baking, I cooked 4 cube steaks in EVOO and seasoned them with salt, pepper, and chili powder. After all of it was done, I portioned it out into four containers. At this point I was pretty proud of myself. Thinking "OK, self. Maybe we can do this!" I put one container in my lunch box for dinner at work. I also packed some grapes, some raw nuts (pecans, almonds, and pistachios- peanuts are not allowed) and a hard boiled egg. I didn't know how hungry I'd be and I did not want to get bored. I also had another cup of coffee - this time with coconut milk.

Urgent Care was pretty busy tonight and I didn't get to eat until like 7:45pm.  I ate my steak and veggies, grapes, and the nuts. I'm full and satisfied. I do have a headache though and I think I need more water. One thing I've seen seasoned veterans of this program say is "WATER WATER WATER". Other than that - today wasn't bad. I mean I'd kill for some chocolate right now - but all in all - I think I have survived DAY ONE.

Only 29 more to go.



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