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Half Way.

Day 15.

That means I've made it half way through this journey of eating nothing but whole foods. That means I have completed more days of this, than I have left to complete. That's a damn good feeling.

I honestly didn't think I'd be able to make it this far. And sometimes the end in 15 days seems extremely daunting. But other times, it's like 15 days is NOTHING. I've come this far so I'm not giving up now.

Since my last post I've been on a roll! No cheating! The hardest thing has been the sugar. I love to eat something sweet after I eat. And that has proven to be a really hard habit to break. To curb that craving I've been having a piece of fruit or 1/2 a Larabar which really does help. The Whole30-ers call that your "Sugar Dragon" and I have yet to slay that sucker!

Honestly - I miss sugar more than I miss anything else. And that is no surprise. The studies on sugar that have been done compare it to a drug (I am by NO MEANS minimized drug addiction - I'm just saying it has been proven to stimulate the same centers of the brain as drugs) and I don't doubt it. It's a tough one to conquer. We start eating various forms of added sugar almost right away - some at birth, some within the first year of life - so it's understandably a b-word to overcome.

Last night was the first night I made a compliant meal for my family. I made carnitas in the crockpot and they were SO good. I highly recommend even if you don't follow the Whole30. It's a healthy delicious way to enjoy carnitas without any added sugar or wheat.  I had mine as a salad - meat, lettuce, salsa, guac, black olives, and some plantain chips. The rest of the fam ate it like a taco - with all the cheese and sour cream their little hearts desired. I wanted to slap everyone dumping all that white dairy goodness onto their warm, pliable tortillas. ha. I hated watching them eat it --but I actually really enjoyed mine and I was full afterward and satisfied. So maybe this no dairy thing isn't so bad? *sigh*

Another game changer for me has been sweet potato waffles! Omg. SO GOOD and so easy. I used this recipe but took out the cumin for the 2nd batch because it was too overpowering for me. 

Overall, this challenge has been kind of fun. Definitely informative and I know a couple other people who are doing it with me so we use each other for ideas and support, which makes it a whole lot easier on me when my family is chowing down on pizza and DQ.

If you're thinking about doing the Whole30 I totally recommend it. It's been a huge learning experience and a challenge. I am always up for more ways to challenge myself.

After I finish this round and take a break, I may even be up for another round!

Next stop: DQ in 15 days.


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