Sometimes as moms we crave validation. This can come in a variety of forms and I suspect the value of it is different for everyone. I can only speak for myself though, so maybe you're a mom that doesn't need it or like it. Whatevs. To each, their own. But today I had one of those moments where you realize that between the tantrums and messes and laundry and sports, this whole momming thing we signed up for, is actually making a difference in these little minds that we're molding.

Today I'm working a 13 hour shift which I'm totally OK with because it means I get a whole bunch of days off this week (2) AND the weekend! I was up pretty early to be to work by 7:30am. As I was getting ready for work the babies and Andrew were awake and doing their usual morning things: eating all the cereal they could get their hands on (Andrew) and following me around while I get ready for work (AB and Mase). I headed down the stairs to the landing and shut the baby gate behind me. AB and Mase were standing there with their little faces pressed between the bars of the gate, each of them carrying their respective blankies, still in their jammies - complete with full-on (amazing) bed head.

Annabelle said "Mommy go to work now?" and I said "Yep, today is a work day for Mommy. You're gonna stay home with Daddy today!" She looked at me with those big, round, brown eyes she was blessed with and as I headed out the garage door, she was wearing this earnest look on her face, she said "When I get big, I go work too. Like Mommy!"

YES! Yes, my sweet girl, you will someday go to work like Mommy. 

Being a working mom is not something that is some unfortunate situation I just happen to find myself in. It's not something I will ever discourage her from doing.  As of today, in her little two-and-a-half-year-old world, she just wants to go to work. Like her mommy. And someday if she decides the she's not about that working-mom life, I will support her in that decision, too. But today - today I will revel in the fact that she notices. She sees. She associates me investing in my career and our family as something that is positive and good and she wants to be like me.

As women we are often expected/told/advised that we "should" stay home. That it is what's "best". It "makes the most sense". I was raised in a very traditional household where this was the norm. And that is what worked for our family and I'm grateful to my parents for raising me the way they did. Being a stay at home parent is a huge sacrifice. In my world, going to college right after high school was a fall back plan for me, ya know, just in case I didn't find a husband or have babies right away. (Seriously.)

So the fact that my daughter is already being exposed to a whole different idea of what moms and women can be - wow. That is all the validation I needed. Today, anyway.

Tomorrow it will be back to the chaos that is tantrums and messes and laundry and sports.

Happy Thursday!

**I'm a working mom. It's a role I take seriously and it is something I am passionate about. I have my own thoughts and feelings on it - and for my family - this is what works. This is not to knock any sahm's or sahd's. I absolutely see how families value that situation. At the end of the day we are all doing what we feel is best for our families.**


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