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Before You Give This Holiday Season - Read This

  The Holiday Season is upon us! I love this time of year. The smells. The sounds. The hustle and bustle. The late night traffic as everyone is out buying gifts. The parties. The food. The magic. Whatever you believe and whatever the reason is for your celebrations this time of year, there is no denying that there is magic in the air. People are nicer. More generous. We actually talk to each other. We say things like "Have a good holiday!" "Merry Christmas!" "Happy Hanukah!" I love it. But I haven't always loved it. This time of year was often stressful for me. It was a constant reminder of what I couldn't do. What I couldn't give. What I couldn't provide. That I could work 50 hours a week and still not be able to afford Christmas. Or I could afford Christmas, but then I couldn't pay any bills. I hated this time of year. The commercials of all the damn toys - and then hearing my boys beg and beg and I'd nod like a big-fat-li

Why Now?

This entry can also be read on the Scary Mommy It's Personal website by clicking the link below: Why now? Why are all these women coming forward now? Why wait so long? Why not report it right away? Because: Until 1948 women were not allowed to be bartenders unless their father or husband owned the establishment. Until 1963 women could legally be paid less than their male counterparts in the exact same position - (Trump actually reinstated something very similar this year). Until 1972 unmarried women could be denied birth control. Until 1973 Roe V Wade - Enough said. Until 1974 pregnant women could be discriminated against in the workplace. Until 1974 women were denied mortgages, bank accounts, and loans based on their gender. Until 1978 it was legal to require female employees to be under a certain weight. Until 1981 men had sole control of joint marital property. Until 1999 women were not gu

Learning to Dance in the Rain by Tony Marschinke

The pride and gratefulness I have in regards to the relationship I have with my brother Tony is incomprehensible. He is a champion. He is trailblazer. He is, in short, one of my favorite people. I am 13 years his senior but we are the best of friends. He loves to write and I love to read his writing. He's had to overcome some setback throughout his life and reinvent himself a million times over. He was born into an extremely conservative family and community which proved to be a hurdle that he not only overcame but completely demolished. I always say that he is the best thing that happened to our family. He changed the way we saw people and the world. He taught us what unconditional love means. I am honored and proud to publish this piece that he wrote. He's been sitting on it for a while and finally had the courage to post it and wanted to do so on my blog. I'm ecstatic to do so. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. xo - Nicky   I