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I'm Baaaaack. And this is why.

Not that I owe anyone an explanation. Because, I don't. But I really did do some self reflection this past week. It felt good. It was nice to not have any drama, no arguments and no negativity. I really thought long and hard about WHAT I use Facebook for, WHY I use it, and HOW it affects me and my relationships. One thing that I love about facebook as a platform is connecting with people. I like seeing and hearing what others are up to. I like being able to share things that happen in my world whether it be a funny thing my kids said, a frustrating situation as a parent, one of my blog posts, or a relatable meme. I also love the digital scrapbook it has created for my family and me since 2009. I've documented countless quotes, pics, trips, dinners, and milestones. Things that I sometimes don't even remember happening, I am only reminded of when they pop up in my Facebook memories. I have all of this "stuff" from my life the last 9 years documented in digital

Another Day, Another Shooting

My first exposure to a school shooting that I can remember was Columbine. I was a freshman in college and I remember watching the news coverage and weeping. It wasn't long before that occurred that I was in high school myself. In a small close knit suburb, just like them. I couldn't wrap my head around how those poor kids must have felt. To not feel safe at SCHOOL, of all places. How absolutely horrific to be sitting in class one moment and the next you're on the floor, hiding and terrified. Since Columbine in 1999 there have been 25 fatal school shootings - that includes elementary through high school. TWENTY FIVE in 19 years. As parents we send our kids off in the morning to school. A place filled with knowledge, books, technology, friends, love, experiences, athletics, clubs, and camaraderie. We trust that they're safe, or we used to trust that they're safe. Today, schools have become something entirely different. LIFE has become something entirely differ