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HALF WAY (almost)

Oy, it feels like it's been awhile! I usually get the urge to write when something political and/or awful happens. And there's been a lot of that lately. During those times I end up frantically writing things and now I have four different drafts on four different topics that I never finished. I get sidetracked or too busy or whatever. Usually any quick thoughts I have that go through this crazy mind of mine, I just type out in the form of a Facebook status update. Which, in turn, usually backfires right in my face and cause a bit of familial drama.*shrugs shoulders* but whatever. My mind is like a balloon and once it gets full of "things" I have to let it out or it'll pop. I've also been working on a series about our adoption experience. But those installments won't be published until that all is finalized. So I have definitely been writing - just not publishing much. Meh. However, I was just thinking the other day about how the year is almost half over!