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I Believe You.

It was a frigid December day. Blizzard conditions, they said. It was close to Christmas time and her friend was getting married. One of her best friends. From junior high, through high school and college. And now into early adulthood. She had to go to the wedding. She wanted to go. Earlier that week she somehow bribed her little brother into watching her kids so she and her husband could go to this wedding. And even though she  wanted to go, she was hesitant. She knew how he could get. She knew how he would act. More often than not she would avoid these types of situations, if at all possible, so that she wouldn't have to deal with his behavior. She tried to reason with herself. We’ll only stay for a little bit and then head home. It's not like it's far away. And the blizzard and the kids and the fact that I have to drive home will be a good excuse to leave early. Hopefully, early enough before things get too bad . They missed the wedding and only made i