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I'm just a regular mom trying not to raise...assholes.

 Oof. It's been a minute.  I wish I had a reason for my blogging absence other than the fact that I'm a busy mom with a house that seems to keep adding people and/or animals (for anyone keeping score we're at 8 people, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 lizards, and a tortoise).  I was also a healthcare worker that worked all through COVID and then took a promotion which was a whirlwind in and of itself. All in all, the last couple years have been super amazing and so much fun - but also, a realllllllll shit show and a half. Trust me, I have the 30 lb weight gain and an Rx for Prozac to prove it.  I have been getting lots of questions about when I'll start writing again. And I have been writing but I haven't actually published anything. I write because it makes me feel better. And sometimes just writing it out is all I need. I don't feel the need to publish everything. So unless I REALLY feel like it's going to do some good, I've been keeping my ramblings to myself.  Al